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VR will soon turn your world upside down - literally

28 Feb 2019

Hang on to your lunch, because this might be virtual reality like you’ve never experienced before – and it will literally turn your world upside down, side to side, back and forth... 

Wellington tech firm Eight360 is creating a motion simulator platform called NOVA that uses VR to provide a full-body experience in any direction.

Here’s how Eight360 describes NOVA (they claim it’s a world-first): It’s a “completely untethered VR motion platform that is unlike anything else available. The spherical design offers truly unlimited rotation in any direction, over and over and over again”. 

“This setup allows the NOVA to simulate a wide range of forces you would feel in a real aircraft (or other vehicle), propelling the user even deeper into the experience... So whether you’re doing a barrel roll in a jet fighter or going through-the-loop on a roller-coaster, the full range of motion brings a whole new level of realness to the ride.”

“Step inside, buckle up, and be transported.”

“The possibilities for experience content include games/CGI (flightsim, rollercoaster, driving, spaceship) but our technology also enables playback of recorded real-life activities including the motion and feeling of being there.These could be used for entertainment, advertising/promotional rides, or training and education,” the company states.

It could even be used for enterprise, particularly when activities would otherwise be costly, dangerous or just plain impractical in the real world.

But it’s not available just yet – Eight360 is constructing the first commercial NOVA units and plan officially launch in the next few months (around March).

Those interested can find out more info or even book a demo, but for now we can only use our imaginations.

Eight360 founder Terry Miller says he has always been passionate about technology, gizmos and gadgets.

“Getting into VR was a no-brainer - it's about as futuristic and high-tech as it gets!”

He also encourages other young inventors to get up and create something new.

“Starting is always the hardest part but it's also exciting, you never know where you’ll end up. This whole thing is basically a garage project that got out of hand,” he says.

Eight360 was formed in 2015 as a hobby project in Wellington’s Makerspace. One year later they moved into Callaghan Innovation’s Lower Hutt campus. In 2016, they moved into coworking space 1st Assembly.

The team has just moved into a new building in Wellington’s Mount Cook, where the creation process will continue.

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