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Dunedin: Silicon Valley for a weekend

If you’re in Dunedin next weekend and think you might have the next big thing in your back pocket then you should consider attending Startup Weekend.

Running from March 31 to April 2, the event is an opportunity for up and coming designers, developers, creators and inventors to bring their ideas to life. Alternatively, you can just go for fun to hang out in a team and build something cool.

Over the course of 54 hours participants will pitch their ideas, form teams, flesh out their concepts, then build and present their prototypes to a panel of judges. There are even prizes to help winners with launching their shiny new product.

If you manage to win, you will be featured at the event and given heaps of exposure for your brilliant idea.

Tickets are $99 and cover a fully catered weekend (with some cheeky beverages on Friday and Sunday night). Also included in the cost is of course the opportunity to realise your dreams and bring them to life. Not bad for the price, right?

Startup Weekend lets participants meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals that they normally wouldn’t network with. Everyone who takes part will also sit in on talks by industry leaders and receive priceless feedback from local creators who were once in the startup phase.

All attendees will also be provided with high-quality resources and content exclusive to this event.

Of course, you may already be at a stage where you only need feedback or to find a partner to work with. Startup Weekend encourages entrepreneurs at any stage of the creation process to participate. Whether your idea is sketched on a napkin, or you have a complete game-changer, this event could be your platform to make it into something great.

The agenda for Startup Weekend is as follows:


Day one:

18:30 Registration

19:00 Dinner and Networking

19:30 Welcome & Speakers

20:00 Pitches Start

21:00 Form Teams

22:00 Begin Work


Day two:

9:00 Breakfast/Venue Opening

9:30 Begin Work

11:00 Team Check-in, Requests for Help

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Coaches Arrive and Meet with Teams

18:30 Dinner


Day three:

9:00 Breakfast/Venue Opening

10:00 Team Check-in

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Coaches Arrive and Meet with Teams

15:00 Presentation Pre & Tech Check

17:00 Final Presentations

19:30 Judging & Awards

22:00 Closing Party


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