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A start-up ’s guide to e-commerce and marketing

01 Jul 10

The task of setting up e-commerce can be very daunting, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With some careful research the information you need is available, whether you use a free service like PayPal or one of many NZ IT providers to develop full e-commerce facilities. A quick and easy e-commerce solution is PayPal. Money can be received just like another bank account and is ideal for start-ups, as fee payments are taken as money is received.
Web-based marketing
Your marketing plan should include an element of web-based marketing, whatever traditional marketing you do. First and foremost you should have a marketing plan with a clear goal and reason. Your goal may be to sell products or services or gain more business exposure. One scenario is to create a story around your product or service. This marketing can be from resources such as Facebook and Twitter. Here is one brief scenario using web-based marketing to create your story and drive traffic:
Electronic Newsletter
• Informs readers about product or services
• Directs readers to Facebook and Twitter
• Direct readers directly to the web page.
Facebook Page
• Informs readers and colleagues and friends about the product or services
• Captures more of an audience, builds a following
• Builds a story that prospects can relate to and become involved with
• Encourages purchasing
• Directs prospect to the website.
• Keeps prospects informed, can tell your story and direct traffic
• Captures more of an audience, builds a following
• Opportunity to converse with potential prospects and hear what they want or like
• Drive prospects to the website.
Website Page
• Website page is where your prospect buys into your goal.
Using web-based marketing requires forethought, as there are many applications (eg: Facebook, Twitter) that you can use. Once you set up your preferred applications, you then need the tools to manage your data (eg: for Twitter an ideal tool is HootSuite to manage all the Twitter feeds that come through and ensure you don’t miss key information). More on that next month.