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Adobe + Dropbox integration now on Android

Adobe has extended Dropbox integration for Acrobat Reader on Android, the company announced this week.

Late last year, Adobe entered into a partnership with Dropbox, with the aim of simplifying how people and businesses worked with documents, enabling users to access PDF documents from a range of devices on the go.

The partnership has now been extended to include the 300 million Acrobat Reader customers who have installed the app on their Android devices.    This also follows recent integration updates Adobe rolled out to customers on iPhone and iPad, alongside Dropbox’s updated iOS app.

Dropbox has at the same time delivered an update to its Android app.

The integration also includes  the Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader desktop apps.

According to Jon Perera, vice president of product management for the Adobe Document Cloud, millions of people have connected Acrobat Reader mobile to their Dropbox account, and over one million PDF files stored in Dropbox are being opened in Acrobat Reader mobile each month.

From now, users can download or update their Acrobat Reader mobile app on Android tablets or smartphones to take advantage of the integration with Dropbox. 

Perera says with more than 18 billion PDF files stored in Dropbox, the Adobe and Dropbox teams have been anxious to roll out the integration across platform and devices.