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Adobe reveals sweeping innovations to Creative Cloud & Marketing Cloud

07 Sep 2016

Adobe's plans to keep on innovating its Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud suites keep coming, as the company announced new features including VR, 3D and character animation.

“Adobe is helping video creators of all kinds – from broadcasters and big movie studios to YouTubers and brands – create their best work. As these stories take shape, ideas need to seamlessly move between tools, technologies and teams. Adobe’s multiscreen solution helps media companies connect with their audiences in a personalised way by delivering compelling experiences and adopting immersive capabilities such as 3D, VR and AR," comments Bill Roberts, senior director of product management at Adobe.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is also under the spotlight, with new features including auto-aware virtual reality capabilities that can detect and apply settings to stereoscope and monoscope media. The colour space has also been improved, with HDR10 metadata capability that will support new HDR-enabled TVs and monitors. There is also more support for colour space metadata.

Premiere Pro CC will also see better caption and subtitle capability for improved export to social media, language preference or hearing-impaired viewers.

After Effects CC will use a 3D rendering engine that allows users to apply 3D elements through MAXON's Cinerender technology and will also let users play raw footage in real-time, with no need for caching before preview. GPU technology will also speed up rendering compositions.

Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC will benefit from better functionality with Adobe's Character Animator, the live motion capture tool.

Meanwhile, Adobe Primetime will provide a stable platform for companies wanting to embrace VR technology through 'premium viewing experiences', including content protection, dynamic ad insertion and video playback support.

Adobe Primetime now supports premium ad-supported viewing for buffer-free streaming experience and ad content in a single stream.

Amongst other improvements to the Creative Cloud suite are: Adobe Creative Cloud will have productivity gains of up to six times more when using Adobe Stock video; users can use destination publishing direct to Behance, Adobe Analytics for video will able to better track streams as well as video starts and stops.

Adobe is also focusing more on collaboration, with a new hosted service called Team Projects. The service allows editors and designers to work together on multiple projects using Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Prelude CC. Team Projects features simultaneous version control and smart conflict resolutions. All collaborations will be hosted in the cloud, while media files can be locally-stored source files or shared lightweight proxies.

Adobe Creative Cloud has been adopted by leading video editors worldwide, including editors at Sundance, The Simpsons, Smosh, NBC Sports and Hollywood studios. Disney's film Pete's Dragon has been one of the latest to adopt the technology.

"I love keeping everything under one roof. I love the idea that it's all housed under one banner and that all the apps within Adobe Creative Cloud can talk to each other. And for all of my future projects I want to really explore that workflow. It's a really exciting sphere to be working within," concludes David Lowery, director of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon.