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The antidote for traffic chaos in Auckland's CBD

Years of CBD disruption and the start of the City Rail Link could cause even more chaos in an already hectic city, according to Dynamo6.

The cloud based IT solutions company says that while some businesses are already moving from the downtown area to avoid construction, others are offering flexible working hours to help ease the daily commute.

With around 65,000 jobs and over 8,000 businesses in downtown Auckland, Dynamo6 states that big projects like the Central Rail Link and the SkyCity Convention Centre are already having an effect.

So what’s the solution?

Igor Matich, managing director of Dynamo6 says remote working provides a better solution for affected organisations and is a lot less disruptive.

“An extraordinary transformation is happening in Auckland and it’s important for businesses to stay operating as usual while the work is done,” he says.

“This is where remote working can play such an important role because people can keep normal hours and avoid much of the disruption. It also means businesses can maintain a Central City office and be in a prime location once City life gets back to normal,” he explains.

“The problem with flexi-time is it still disrupts life’s schedule, such as leisure and family time.  The other option of moving out of the CBD is very costly and disruptive, and takes away the convenience of being close to transport links.”

Despite the disruption, Dynamo6 believes that maintaining a central city office is vital for many businesses who want to be close to clients, customers and suppliers.

“In the morning people can work at home or nearby until rush hour is over and then travel to the office, and do the reverse in the evening.  It’s better to be working remotely and productive than battle traffic when CBD road capacity is minimised,” he says.

“Using cloud services, remote working means people are at work apart from physically sitting at a desk in an office.  With video streaming you can even have your colleagues in the office virtually," explains Matich.

"This new flexible way of working also has financial benefits, including the need for less office space, and gives employees convenience and empowerment over how they work.”