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App of the week....Chrome for iOS

Google Chrome is my preferred browser. In fact I love it so much I have a tendency to get a bit grumpy when forced to use a computer that doesn’t have it. So when someone brought to my attention that Chrome was finally available on iOS I stopped listening and raced to download it.

While I was waiting for my iPhone to do its thing, I decided to check the app out online. To be honest the reviews were at best, lukewarm suggesting that although it has some good features, the app is......dare I say it …. slow.

Never. Not my beloved my Chrome.

Disbelieving I tapped my screen and opened the app. I was prompted to sign into my Google account which I duly did. Nothing appeared to be overly slow at this point and I waited to be taken through the app tour.

That’s where things began to deteriorate. Swiping the screen to turn the page took more than several swipes and when it did change, it was disappointingly slow. However, deciding it might just be my phone I pressed on.

The app has the single text input bar which I find preferable, as well as the ability to have tabs. The best feature however is the ability to access and sync with bookmarks and passwords saved on other instances of Chrome as long as you have logged into your normal Chrome account. You can also see any websites you have open on your iPad or desktop version of Chrome which can be quite nifty.

This super syncing - my term, not Google’s - is what stops Chrome from being disappointing. It’s true it’s slow but really only in comparison to its desktop version - if you’ve ever had to battle Safari when it’s sluggish, it’s no worse. And I have to admit I find it a small price to pay for the features that do work well - after all, once Google starts updating this app, chances are it’s going to be a real force to be reckoned with.