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App review: Skedge Me

01 Jun 2010

This online calendar service lets your customers schedule appointments online with you.

SkedgeMe is a service that lets customers see and interact with your calendar, making it easy to schedule appointments with your business online.The company behind the scheduling solution says it was created because booking appointments by phone or email is often inefficient.

SkedgeMe aims to eliminate this by allowing customers to self-book online. It lets you and other people see your calendar and schedule appointments. Using the colour-coded visual interface you can also get a quick overview of your entire business in real-time.

You can accept or reject every appointment request while still being able to book appointments on behalf of customers too. No hardware is required, as SkedgeMe is 100% web-based and there’s no need for IT maintenance.

The firm boasts that companies can get up and running in five minutes and that large organisations can get set up quickly with the ability to import and synchronise customer lists and calendars.

You don’t have to start fresh with SkedgeMe either, as it supports multiple methods of synchronisation. You can still use your old solution until you decide to make the switch. It can sync with Outlook and Google Calendar, and it also supports iCal URL sharing so that other calendars can subscribe to SkedgeMe.

The software can also give you insights about your business, such as the services that are most popular and which members of staff worked the most hours. You can also drill down into an employee’s working day and manage their appointments, or swap them over to another member of staff.

Moving appointments around is as simple as dragging and dropping the appointment blocks from one column to another.

Latest features to be added to the app include the ability to put the booking functionality on your own website. You can also allow bookings to be taken on your Facebook page or any other pages you may have on the internet.

In May the company released an iPhone app that allows you to see your business schedule on the go. You can sign up for a free trial via the website, where you’ll also find a great video walkthrough of the service.