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Apple's iPhone 6 Plus drives fans around the bend...

25 Sep 2014

With so much hype surrounding the release of the iPhone 6 and the even bigger iPhone 6 Plus, it wasn’t long before reports of faults started making headlines.

A small but growing number of iPhone 6 Plus users have reportedly had their phones bent after carrying them in their pockets.

Reports of slightly bent iPhone 6 phones have been surfacing on a number of online forums. Users have complained that their phones became bent after sitting down for long periods of time while their phones have been in their back pocket.

It is speculated that because the iPhone 6 is so large and thin, in easily bends with the shape of your body. According to Mashable, iPhone users have complained about warped iPhone 4 and 5 in the past.

As phones get thinner and larger, people who are used to storing their phones in their back pocket risk their phones bending and flexing that could potentially damage the device.

The obvious answer to this problem is to avoid storing your phone in your pockets, or removing them when you sit down. A strong, solid cover may also help.

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