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Artificial intelligence & voice data peers into sales performance

18 Apr 17

There is a huge market for tools designed to optimise email – from deliverability to accessibility. Analytics and optimisation tools and technology are not ready for this challenge.

This is according to VoiceOps, a developer of sales analytics and customer support tools.

This challenge is what motivated the development of VoiceOps’ data driven solution for enterprises and sales teams.

VoiceOps transcribes calls then an artificial intelligence engines parses those transcripts and generates insights on an individual’s core skills and week-over-week trends.

VoiceOps says that although companies are equipped with call recording tools, the sales and customer success teams of these companies may have little insight into what exactly reps are saying.

These companies may have little insight into why one individual may outperform another or how to provide effective feedback that will improve performance.

Daria Evdokimova is the CEO and co-founder of VoiceOps and she notes that the current sales quality assurance (QA) process requires a manager to listen to hours of call recordings, then use a checkbox system to determine how to coach them.

Evdokimova says that this process is one of the most time-consuming tasks and is largely ineffective due to a lack of data, meaning that the time wasted and money left on the table is lost sales.

VoiceOps aims to offer QA information to VPs and managers. This information could be whether sales reps are asking probing questions and making upsell attempts or asking for the close at the appropriate moment.

VoiceOps can compare individual performances to team averages and track progress longitudinally.

VoiceOps references Weebly, a web hosting service, to highlight the efficiency of these systems.

According to VoiceOps, Weebly has seen an 85% reduction in time spent preparing for coaching sessions and a 40% increase in close attempts. For Weebly, these results led to the displacement of manual QA from their sales process.

VP of Customer Success at Weebly, Alan Chambless, comments, “with the old school, human powered quality review system, I would need at least three full time people doing QA. Probably even four. It doesn’t scale.”

Chambless says that with VoiceOps he has a greater quantity and quality of data, meaning his agents have more buy in to the company’s feedback.

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