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ASB extends mobile banking wave to business customers

02 Oct 2013

ASB has launched a dedicated ASB Mobile Business app, giving business customers the flexibility to perform critical finance functions from anywhere, any time.

Launched last week for iPhone and Android phones, ASB says Mobile Business gives ASB FastNet Business users greater flexibility and control over their business banking accounts from wherever they are.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a digital banking revolution with the rapid adoption of consumer-focused mobile banking apps,” says Steve Jurkovich, ASB’s Executive General Manager for Commercial, Corporate and Rural.

“ASB Mobile Business offers the same seamless banking experience and benefits as our award-winning mobile app to all our business customers, whether they are a small family-run business or a large corporate.”

“Research indicates that business owners and managers log on to their banking platform for two main reasons: checking balances, and inspecting and authorising payments.

“So those are the two critical functions we’ve focused on for our first release with many additional features to follow.”

The ASB Mobile Business app allows ASB FastNet customers to:

• View balances

• Securely approve and send payments without a NetCode token

• Inspect sent and pending payments including all the details

• Log in using a 5 digit pin number, instead of site ID, User ID and password

• Connect directly with an ASB Business specialist

“The ability to check and authorise payments while on the move is particularly important for our business customers," Jurkovich says."They will now no longer have to log on to internet banking on a PC to inspect and approve payments that may need to go out quickly.

"This is one key way in which mobile technology can unshackle business owners and managers from performing routine tasks at their desks and provide them with more time and greater flexibility to manage and grow their businesses.”