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Auckland-based business analysis firm aims to double staff count

10 Oct 13

From small beginnings, business analysis firm Redvespa hopes to double the current 18-member staff in Auckland by this time next year.

After growing to number more than 40 business analysts and other specialists, the Parnell-based company hopes to continue its expansion into 2014.

Delivering consultancy services to the Auckland and Wellington markets, Redvespa clients range from companies in specialised sectors such as banking and energy to government departments and agencies.

“We are growing substantially in Auckland and I would like to double the current 18-member staff in the office in the city," says Sarah Gibson, CEO, Redvespa.

"We have a good mix of private and public sector firms as clients.

"While Wellington has a dominance of public sector clients, I expect the Auckland office to have a dominance of private sector firms."

Early on, Gibson says the company realised there was a gap in the support and professional development available for BAs, with the firm becoming a founding sponsor of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) New Zealand chapter.

“Business analytics is a maturing profession in the country. It is not always easy to find good, mature business analysts," Gibson adds.

"That being said, we have a fairly good pipeline of people wanting to join our operations in Auckland.

"It is a very competitive market, but we are primarily looking for senior level people and we seem to be able to attract them at the moment.

“Our training sessions are sometimes delivered on the client’s site and sometimes in premises that we have got for the occasion.

"We try to deliver training that is specifically tailored to the customers’ needs. It is definitely a growing revenue stream for us."