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Auckland Startup Weekend detailed

21 Mar 2011

The Auckland Startup Weekend hopes to connect developers, business managers, start-up enthusiasts, marketers and designers through a 54-hour event dedicated to making something out of nothing.

Speakers include Mark Robotham (, Dan Khan (Netprofess / founderwear), Stephen Knightly (InGame / Pursuit PR) and Tim Norton (

Here’s the schedule:


6pm: Everyone gets together; figures out who else is there; what would be interesting to build.?

7pm: Pitches start (if you have an idea for a product you pitch it to the group).?

8pm: Teams start breaking off (generally about nine teams will form during the weekend, creating nine products or companies).?

9pm: Hopefully teams have solidified their concept and created an elevator pitch (even a simple one) by now.?

10pm: Break off into groups (in the Dojo) and continue discussions and attempt to paper prototype out their application.


8:30am: Breakfast!

9am: Crowds pour in; work starts on development.?

Noon: Lunch.?

3pm: More coding, business plan development, and a special guest (music, vc, sponsor etc).?

6pm: Special guest drop-ins and pitches from the teams.?

9pm: Gut check on the product; basic prototype building; group get-together for drinks and to talk about the products everyone is working on.


8:30am: Breakfast!

9am: The day’s work starts again.?

Noon: Projects are being developed; live website with signup is possibly set up; more special guests drop in.?

4pm: Sink or swim time for those looking for a weekend launch.?

6pm: Presentations from each company; what worked, what didn’t, what could go better and contacts are exchange for those continuing in the future.

All attendees are provided with seven meals as well as coffee on tap.

The event runs from April 1st - 3rd at the Biz Dojo located at Suite 205, The Ironbank, 150 Karangahape Road, Auckland.

Tickets are on sale until March 28th and cost NZ$90.