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BDO NZ becomes Xero’s biggest worldwide partner

18 May 17

Accounting and advisory firm BDO New Zealand is now Xero’s biggest partner in the world after signing up its 10,000th user onto Xero.

BDO was an early adopter of Xero, having helped BDO clients reduce costs, save time on running their businesses and get paid faster.

BDO advisory partner and national advisory leader Adam Davy says all team members played a key role in helping BDO New Zealand reach this milestone and consider the software to be an important part of their strategy to remain in a leading advisory position.

“Xero allows the advisers at BDO to work smarter, not harder, thanks to all the tools available to them,” Davy says.

“The beauty of Xero is that it truly allows both our clients and us to work more efficiently. Xero allows BDO to act as business partners to our clients.”

“It frees up our time to concentrate on the activities that add real value for New Zealand businesses, enabling them to activate their business and determine the best growth strategy,” he adds.

“Businesses are on the pulse of how they are performing and can make informed decisions based on up-to-date information to hand,” says Davy.

Xero New Zealand country manager Craig Hudson congratulates BDO and says the milestone is a testament to the dedication of BDO.

“BDO has achieved a phenomenal milestone and at Xero we know the right adviser can be the difference between a small business just surviving or thriving,” Hudson says.

“It’s great to work with an organisation like BDO that shares our commitment to innovation and high growth, and supports New Zealand business.”

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