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Big telco helps Kiwi tech firm increase profit

Spark recently paired up with local tech company Optimizer, allowing Spark’s SME customers to utilise their Swipe Reader mobile payment solution.

Optimizer provides mobile payment solutions to thousands of SMEs around the world including Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The pairing has had significant results for Optimiser, with its total customer base increasing by 44% and an increase in daily settled funds from transactions made through its wireless payment devices by 60% - within just one month of the launch.

The K1 Swipe Reader device is a wireless credit card and EFTPOS terminal which connects to a merchant's smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, allowing them to take payments from customers.

Manas Kumar, group CEO of Optimizer, says the device is popular with tradespeople and retailers who have a need to transact away from their office, or as a way of reducing queues for payment around the traditional cash register.

Kumar says Spark had seen first-hand how its Swipe point of sale technology was making a difference to small and medium sized businesses.

Jason Paris, Spark Home, Mobile and Business general manager notes how Spark’s rebrand reflected the telecommunications provider’s move into a new era within the industry.

“Our rebrand was about signalling a fundamental change for our business. As technology evolves rapidly, SMEs that don't have in-house IT support can face challenges when it comes to keeping up with the latest advancements. Now we can fill that gap,” he says.

“Spark Business Hubs have the core expertise to research and evaluate which new tools and technology can add real value for our customers, and the relationships they have with their customers.”

He says the latest generation of payment hardware such as that provided by Swipe is a good example of how technology can make it easier for their customers to do business. “The Swipe Reader can make a real difference to the cashflow and operating efficiency of New Zealand’s SMEs.”

Kumar says the partnership provided Optimizer with an established distribution channel where business customers could be made aware about the product benefits in the context of their own enterprise.