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Bitdefender tailoring no.1 antivirus for Windows 8

23 Nov 2012

Bitdefender is offering the world’s first third-party security software specifically designed for Windows 8.

The antivirus solutions provider says Bitdefender Windows 8 Security tailors the world’s best antivirus technology to the world’s most popular operating system.

Offering dedicated features and technologies, as well as iron-clad protection against malware, Bitdefender says the software can protect private data from cyber criminals.

“With Windows 8, Microsoft offered the user a seamless, efficient operating system – exactly what it does best,” says Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist, Bitdefender.

“Now, we have done what we do best – design comprehensive, high-velocity, malware-annihilating technology.

"Bitdefender Windows 8 Security will keep your Windows clean.”

Maintaining a high scanning speed on Windows 8, the technology alerts users if any apps are compromised, while scanning for dangers before the system loads, annihilating malware before it ever has a chance to spread according to the anti virus company.

Recent Bitdefender testing revealed that Windows 8 is prone to infection by 15% of the 100 malware families most used by cyber criminals this year, even with Windows Defender activated.

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