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Booming health media market spurs Medical Channel acquisition

Australian waiting room media network, Medical Channel, has extended its reach across Australia with the acquisition of Medical Media.

The acquisition makes Medical Media Australia’s leading digital signage channel directly targeting health professionals.

Medical Channel says the acquisition expands the digital place-based media company’s network from 800 TV screens aimed at patients, to include interactive touch screens aimed at health professionals in 750 practices.

Nazar Musa, Medical Channel chief executive, says the acquisition doubles Medical Channels reach to 1550 screens in 1430 practices across Australia.

“Health digital media is a booming industry globally, with the opportunity to segment markets into specific demographic, geographic and psychographic areas, and target risk groups for certain health issues,” Musa says.

He says there is also potential to integrate screen content with mobile, providing patients with access to additional, personalised, information.

“Our screens provide a credible environment for health messages, with research showing that consumers are more receptive to health-related messages when in a health-related space,” Musa says.

Medical Channel’s clients include the federal Department of Health, Blackmores, Australian Hearing, Novartis and Black Dog Institute, with their TV screens reaching a caputred audience of 2.6 million people per month, with an average dwell time of 30 minutes.