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BroadSign 'reimagines' administrator

BroadSign has ‘reimagined’ its BroadSign Administrator user interface for the first time since the Canadian company entered the market in 2004.

The company says it has ‘revitalised’ the user interface to enhance the power of its automated approach to content management.

BroadSing Administrator version 11 includes schedulers with ‘a more visually appealing and user friendly experience’ with faster access to workflows, intuitive graphics and increased customisation.

Bryan Mongeau, BroadSign vice president of technology, says the company spend a significant amount of time analysing how customers were using the platform and determining what could be revised to bring them increased functionality and efficiency ‘in a fresh and simple way’.

“This upgrade elegantly accomplishes our goals,” Mongeau says.

The upgrade includes viewing enhancements such as a s map for easy location-based targeting and calendar for simple planning of complex schedules.

A new loop share feature further eliminates micro-management by providing networks with the flexibility of automatically allowing different types of content to receive their necessary airtime based on rules set by the scheduler.

The company says it has also deepened its integration with camera-based audience measurement company, Quividi, with the addition of more detailed audience analytics to proof of performance reports.

BroadSign says its software powers more than 100,000 displays in more than 40 courntires.