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CA Technologies expands access management solutions

CA Technologies announced 19 July the extension of its acclaimed CA Single Sign-On and CA Advanced Authentication products to include support for end consumers. Now available in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), CA’s consumer access management technologies enable organisations to offer their customers frictionless and secure access to Internet-facing applications, regardless of whether the resource is hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or at a partner’s site. 

Together, CA Single Sign-On and CA Advanced Authentication provide a seamless user experience across multiple, diverse Web applications, portals, and security domains, allowing consumers to login once to access all of their applications, while protecting against online identity fraud and unauthorised access via risk-based authentication and multifactor credentials. This is especially crucial in the application economy where customers are far more likely to experience a brand and interact with an enterprise through software than a live person. 

Vic Mankotia, vice president, Security and API Management, APJ, CA Technologies says, “In today’s application economy, Asia Pacific markets are changing; as many businesses undergo digital transformation, they realise that anytime, anywhere and any-device access is the new standard. The benefits of strong authentication and single sign-on (SSO) can be extended beyond identity management for employees or enterprise partners, leading to increased demand for consumerised access management solutions."

Mankotia adds, “Asia Pacific is leading the charge in terms of enhanced consumer access management, particularly in the banking and finance industry. I believe that we will soon witness rapid adoption of SSO and advanced authentication in other consumer-facing sectors as well, such as citizen services, which could enable access to citizens’ data such as medical records. CA Technologies is one of the leading companies in the region that is able to offer customer–tested business-to-consumer access management solutions on a large scale.”

With CA’s consumer access management solutions, organisations are able to:

•      Accelerate application availability. CA Single Sign-On offers an unparalleled range of options for managing access to applications. Firms may now focus on designing and bringing the best applications and services to market for consumers.

•      Enhance security. CA Advanced Authentication helps deliver a transparent, intelligent risk evaluation to provide greater assurance that the user is who they claim to be. Firms may now enhance security and bolster customer loyalty without impacting user experience. 

•      Reduce cost of ownership. With a centralised and proven access management platform, firms gain the flexibility, interoperability, and security they need without stitching point solutions together and lowering the total cost of ownership. 

CA Single Sign-On provides a centralised security management foundation that authenticates and authorises users to access web-based applications. It also lets firms manage a consumer’s session beyond the SSO experience, including social login, risk-based authorizations, personalization, and enhanced session assurance.

CA Advanced Authentication evaluates risk based on device identification, geo-location, user behaviour and velocity, and automatically triggers a step-up authentication when the risk score exceeds a defined threshold. It also provides the unique CA AuthID and CA Mobile OTP two-factor credentials, which can be used to address regulatory compliance and auditing requirements. 

To date, CA Technologies has begun working with multiple banks and federal services in APJ to implement business-to-consumer SSO services, helping these organisations extend their reach to millions of end consumers.

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