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Call for NZ Hall of Fame nominations...

Nominations for new inductees to the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs have opened, paving the way for three Kiwi women to to join the likes of Sharon Hunter (PC Direct, Hirepool) and Colyn Deverux-Kay (Les Floralies and Egg Maternity) join the esteemed group.

Organised by Co.OfWomen, the Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs – now in it's third year – aims to honour those 'whose success has paved the way, whose brilliance has changed the way things get done and whose generosity has impacted our world for good'.

Tara Lorigan, co-founder and CEO of Co.OfWomen, says “Each year the process brings women to the fore who most of us have never heard of – women achieving awesome things and making a huge impact on our country and planet.”

Adds Dr Lee Mathias, founder of Birthcare and Co.OfWomen founding board chair: “The annual process is exciting as it always reveals women we have never heard of, something that's hard to imagine given this is our focus, but these women are busy getting on with what they feel compelled to do, not seeking to be known for it.”

Last year's nominations resulted in 20 finalists from which the three inductees – retail veteran Anne Norman, insurance industry pioneer Naomi Ballantyne and 'serial entrepreneur' Linda Jenkinson.

Criteria for nominations include business success, impact on industry, support for women and making a difference. The nomination process is open, with nominations 'enthusiastically encouraged' from anyone who wishes to do so.

A selection panel, of Co.OfWomen board members and previous inductees will make a finalist list and choose this year's inductees, with the final say going to panelists who have already been inducted.

“The women we induct become integral to the journey of success for so many women in that they are a tangible expression of what's possible, and importantly, are so willing to share what they have learnt to offer practical support to women,” says Lorigan.

The 2014 inductees will be inducted into the New Zealand Hall of Fame at a cocktail function at Inv!gorate, the annual summit for entrepreneurial women, on 26 June.

For more information, check Co.OfWomen.