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Can digital signage increase foot traffic and sales? Ubet!

Australian punters have been introduced to ‘the new world of betting’ with the overhaul of Tatt’s Ubet outlets in Queensland and Tasmania.

The overhaul includes digital signage to create what solution provider Entwined calls a state-of-the-art sports entertainment experience.

The transformation includes 42-inch commercial signage panels across giant video walls, information touch screens and self-service terminals.

Additional 85-inch commercial signage displays are used for sports and racing walls and feature quad-split technologies, allowing up to four different shots to be displayed on each screen.

Entwined says Ubet was keen to integrate enough digital technology to appeal to younger, digital-savvy consumers, but keep it seamless and easy-to-use to keep traditional punters on-side.

Cameron Hanns, Entwined director, says Entwined worked closely with the Ubet team from concept to deployment and was asked to design a robust digital content delivery solution to meet the Ubet vision for their modern-day venues.

Entwined says the entire transformation keeps the consumer at the heart of the concept, providing a fully-immersive sports entertainment eperience second only to being at the game or track.

Since completion of the upgrades to the three venues, betting and foot-traffic have increased.

The three locations which have been outfitted with the new technology so far – two in Queensland and one in Tasmania – are the just the start of a nationwide upgrade, with another 200 standalone Ubet outlets scheduled to receive the overhaul, along with 1200 pubs housing Ubet agencies.