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Chocolates, flowers and... digital signage?

12 Feb 16

It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday and even digital signage is getting in on the act!

Groupon in the United States is offering up a Valentine’s special which includes a 12-foot by 16-foot LED screen – delivered ‘right to your door’*, no less – on which you can propose to your beloved.

“Proposing marriage on an enormous stadium LED screen is as romantic as it is unforgettable – and that’s exactly the problem,” the accompanying blurb advises.

“As soon as you pop the question, your significant other permanently etches into memory the sights and smells of cheap hot dogs, spilt light beer and the creepy leer of anthropomorphic mascots.”

Groupon’s solution? Keep the huge LED screen and ditch the stadium.

In what it dubs ‘an unprecendented deal’, Groupon has teamed up with out-of-home media buying company Kinetic Worldwide and ImpactAV to provide someone, somewhere, with the wedding proposal of a lifetime.

The deal includes professional grade animated graphics from Kinetic Worldwide, with the proposal able to be customised with ‘heartwarming pictures, adorable selfies or favourite take-out menus’.

“Imagine the surprised delight on your significant other’s face when the crew elevates the giant screen, complete with images that highlight your love,” Groupon says.

There’s only one left – well, to be fair, there’s only one available – and yes, it can be yours if you have a spare US$30,000 to shower on your loved one.

*One caveat: the deal is ‘available anywhere in the lower 48 states’ of the United States only. And we apologise if that's just broken your heart...

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