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Cisco Capital: Why NZ businesses should consider ICT financing…

11 Mar 2014

In New Zealand’s ICT business environment today, customers need to decide not only what to buy and how to buy it but also how to manage that investment with regards to technology lifecycle and disposal.

Jason McHenry, Cisco Capital Financial Solutions Manager for New Zealand, believes companies, from SMEs to multinational organisations, that use financing for technology acquisition are realising valuable business benefits – an effective way to avoid technology obsolescence, conserve cash and ensure budget flexibility.

Financing the technology that’s essential for innovation or business transformation, means your cash is not tied up in equipment costs, freeing up cash for more strategic investments and for the innovation required to grow your business.

It also offers you the flexibility to upgrade to new technology to match your current and future business needs.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems, Cisco Capital specialises in providing ICT financing for Cisco solutions worldwide to all sizes of organisations. Traditionally considered an acquisition strategy for larger businesses, financing is becoming more prevalent in the SME segment.

Spearheaded by McHenry, Cisco Capital’s foray into the SME space in New Zealand has been met with great enthusiasm, and with 80% of the country made up of SME businesses, the service is well positioned to provide financing options to a varied client base.

With ICT financing, payments can be structured to align to available budget.

Flexible financing solutions help SMEs grow without financially hampering their businesses.

It is also possible to finance up to 100% of equipment costs in addition to soft costs such as maintenance, software and services*, leaving capital available for when needs arise.

While cash maybe king to the SME business, delaying technology refresh can hamper a business' ability to grow and expand their product offerings and at the same time, trigger higher service and maintenance costs.

Cisco Capital offers businesses of all sizes flexible financing solutions to accelerate the adoption of state-of-the-art technology with minimal investment and predictable, manageable payments.

Finding a way to stand out from your peers can be difficult in these competitive times, but if staying ahead of the game ticks your business box, click here for more information on Cisco Capital.

*Certain restrictions apply to non-hardware items.

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