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Convert social data into social intelligence

Kiwi businesses are being urged to learn how use data insights gained from social media marketing to their advantage.

Teradata, who provides businesses with analytic data platforms, marketing and analytic applications, and consulting services says marketing leaders must learn how to ‘convert social data into social intelligence’ to avoid losing valuable insight about customers and missing out on opportunities to increase revenue.

Simon Bowker, area director, Asia Pacific for Teradata marketing applications division, says, “Businesses must use customer insights to inform social and non-social marketing programmes, and advance social marketing maturity.”

He says, “It’s interesting that marketing leaders are still struggling to convert their social data into meaningful insights that can help them increase sales, and win and retain customers.”

Teradata advises five ways to start leveraging social data across a wide range of marketing channels:

1. Develop messaging and content. Monitoring what your customers say about you means you can tailor your social media programmes to reflect their opinions and perceptions. The content is likely to resonate more.

2. Use social data for your creative. Social data can inspire creative across many channels. According to Forrester research, more than 50% of social marketers curate social content to generate customer insights.

3. Use data to assist with media buying decisions. Monitoring customer sentiment and conversations across social channels can help you make better media buying decisions.  

4. Identify influencers and brand advocates. Effective influence programmes have always relied on marketers’ ability to find and motivate the most influential members within their target audience. Social intelligence is a key tool to identify those consumers.

5. React to real-time opportunities and threats. Increasingly, social marketing requires marketers to be more responsive. Social data tells you where and how to respond to your audiences.