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Crowdfunding a success as Pledgeme sees $5 million pledged

Crowdfunding platform PledgeMe has released news it has hit the $5 million mark of total pledges, with the success of two equity crowdfunding campaigns.

As reported last week, social marketplace app SellShed reached its funding target of $250,000 in just four weeks via the platform, and shampoo and body care maker Pineapple Heads also successfully wrapped up its campaign. In total, the two campaigns managed to raise $917,000.

“PledgeMe has smashed another milestone helping Kiwis fund the things they care about to the tune of $5 million,” PledgeMe CEO Anna Guenther says.

“With Pineapple Heads and SellShed making their targets, PledgeMe has doubled the number of successful equity crowdfunding campaigns.

“Special mention goes out to SellShed for raising the biggest amount on PledgeMe so far,” she adds.

Pineapple Heads raised $204,900, selling just over 6% of the company while SellShed raised $712,100 by selling around 13.5% of the company. This makes a total of four successful equity campaigns on PledgeMe. The other two were PledgeMe itself and brewers Yeastie Boys.

“These successes show that equity crowdfunding is mixing up who can access funding and is bringing more diversity to business,” Guenther says.

“Equity crowdfunding means anyone with a company and a crowd can fund their business. Whether that’s a single mum like Pineapple Heads’ CEO Megan or a tech startup based in Tauranga.”

PledgeMe currently has three other equity crowdfunding campaigns running for Chariot, Parent Interviews, and Be Intent Youth.

PledgeMe has ben running for three years with project crowdfunding. In mid 2014 the platform was licensed to offer equity crowdfunding services.