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Cutting-edge tech changes Kiwi business strategy

02 Nov 2012

Wellington geospatial company Splice Group is launching its latest application in the form of a " lightweight" software map viewer.

The company says the app allows people to "quickly, and easily, view detailed geospatial map data out in the field."

Available on a variety of mobile devices including iPads, tablets and smartphones, the application uses Esri technology and will be officially launched at two conferences during November.

“It is easy and quick to use," says Richard Redman, Splice Group director.

"People will be able to access mapping information in one to two clicks on their mobile device.

“As an example, house hunters could use this technology to access important information like boundary maps and rating information while they are viewing the house of their dreams."

The application also has use in farming according to Splice, allowing farmers to access aerial maps of their property, and source information about pest control while out on the farm.

“Clients in the building and local government sectors are already using SpliceMaps, and we know it can make business easier for many other industries," Redman says.


The company also revealed the launch of an energy-monitoring dashboard which accurately judges energy use in real-time.

“We’ve piloted this technology on an electric motorbike in conjunction with Astara Technologies, but it can be applied to electric cars as well," Redman says.

“The programme measures energy use against the terrain a car or bike is driving over.

"Going uphill requires more energy, while going downhill doesn’t require as much. It means drivers will have an accurate ‘electric fuel-gauge’ on their dashboard.

“It also has the potential to provide smart and quick energy monitoring for green communities who want to stay off the grid.

“The dashboard measures energy use against energy stores, and can notify people relying on wind or solar energy when they’re using too much power, and when they need to ease up.

“Both of these innovations can change the way people live and do business .

"Today’s world is on the move and constantly evolving, and our smart technology makes it easier for Kiwis to make the right decisions at the right time."