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Digital disruption: Exploring Wellington's fast-growing digital industry

Industry experts come together today to explore Wellington’s fast-growing digital industry, at the Digital Disruption: A Wellington Case Study event hosted by Victoria University of Wellington.

The seminar brings together staff and students from Victoria’s Schools of Engineering and Computer Science, and Management, with industry experts and practitioners, to delve into what it takes to thrive in the digital age.

“The work environment is changing. Occupations are changing, there are new sectors emerging - such as the cyber security sector, and companies are becoming more agile, with a focus on fast development and fast turnaround,” explains Dr Richard Norman, a co-host of the event, and senior lecturer in Victoria’s School of Management.

Norman’s research focuses on understanding how people and organisations can adapt to technology change.

“What is distinctive about the event is that it will bring together both the people and the technical sides of business,” says Norman.

“For companies to be successful they really have to be on top of both. We have had a lot of interest in this event from the local digital industry; it’s a good opportunity to share knowledge.”

Dr Stuart Marshall, head of Victoria’s School of Engineering and Computer Science, says that the event will give students an important opportunity to hear about the industry many of them will be working in.

“We ran a similar event late last year, which was solely for industry,” says Marshall.

“This year we wanted to open it up to students, so we’re running it during class time to make it even more accessible.

“When students graduate a lot of them will be working in these digitally-focused companies, and this is a valuable opportunity to hear about what the environment is like.”