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Digital start-up sees rapid success

08 Oct 2012

What started out as an office space sharing arrangement between two strangers has grown in just 14 months to become a successful digital agency with a healthy profit growth.

Little Giant has seen success in the digital space.

Their list of services includes branding, web design, web development (including E-commerce), printing, digital marketing, search engine optimisation and innovative applications for Facebook.

The partners behind the business Mark Hurley and Mike Little developed the business in early 2011, which they believe was just the right time for a start-up company in this field.

“While other industries have seen little or no growth since the global recession began, ‘digital’ is a space that continues to grow and Little Giant is proof of that," Hurley says.

"We work alongside our clients to deliver customized solutions and manage their on-going digital needs. We strive to make a difference to their overall businesses and bottom line."

In the first year of business Little Giant serviced over 260 jobs from their inner city Auckland office. During that time they’ve worked with over 100 Australasian clients across a range of industries with clients ranging from alcohol brands to accountants to fashion labels.

The figures behind the digital agency certainly stack up with Little Giant’s last quarter revenue growing by 107% in comparison to their first quarter revenue.

Over a 14 month period the Little Giant team has grown from an initial team of two, to a total of eight which includes the two directors, three full-time employees, two contractors and a part-time support person.

A winning formula

The partnership between Hurley and Little has proven to be a recipe for success with Hurley the driving force behind building new client relationships and oversees all aspects of Little Giant from a business perspective.

While Little is focused on the technical direction of the company, ensuring every project has advanced functionality and a strong technical framework.

A commonality between both partners is their passion for design aesthetics, which they believe is a key factor in their success. The pair also talk of “four joining elements” as a winning recipe for their digital work.

These elements include a secure and dependable platform;  intelligent user functionality; relevant and original design aesthetics and proven digital marketing.

Some of Little Giant’s clients include, Stolen Rum, Duco Events, The Tooth Company, Kinetic Recruitment,  Solo Clothing (cycling), Intrepid Travel, NZ Beer festival, Tomette and

To visit their site, click here

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