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Don't let poor design cost you; Zeald is here to help

Many small to medium sized businesses in New Zealand are still new to online marketing and are figuring out how best to utilise their websites to get more customers and grow their business.

Unfortunately, many companies in New Zealand have websites that don’t make the grade – they can be out of date, have poor design, and don’t appeal to the customers they are trying to attract.

According to website design and online marketing company Zeald, there are two key factors that determine the sales and marketing performance of every website: promotion and persuasion.

“Promotion determines the ability of your website to attract the right type of visitors to your business,” the company explains.

Established in 2001, Zeald designs and develops websites for thousands of small to medium sized businesses. To help SMEs get off to the right start, Zeald offers businesses with existing websites a free audit service to determine if their website is achieving the results they want.

During an audit, a Zeald specialist takes a look at a business' website and its competition, and will then recommend improvements to start lifting visitor numbers.

“We look at how persuasive your website is, how effective your website is at turning visitors into leads and sales,” Zeald says.

“We’ll find key stumbling blocks that prevent your visitors from becoming customers and prepare a strategy for how to remove these barriers,” the company explains.

As part of Zeald’s audit offering, they will drill down into specific strategies in order achieve:

  • Improved Google rankings – Business can learn about the changes they can start making to rank higher in Google searches.
  • Additional traffic sources – Get tailored advice on social media, email marketing and online advertising.
  • Persuasive web content – Zeald will look at how effective a company’s website is a convincing visitors to become customers.
  • User friendly design – How easy is it for visitors to use a company’s website.

A Zeald website audit can be done within two business days.

“Your website audit isn’t just a document we send out to every business,” Zeald says. “It’s a personalised tool that an experienced e-business expert will discuss with you during a free, no obligation consultation.”

Zeald has local consultants throughout New Zealand who meet with customers to learn more about their business and discuss their strategy in detail.

To date, more than 5000 New Zealand businesses have taken advantage of Zeald’s free audit service over the last eight years. Many of these businesses have gone on to partner with Zeald to manage their website and online marketing.

Following the audit, Zeald follows up with an honest discussion about the services a company may need and how Zeald can partner with them to help grow the business online.

For more information about Zeald’s audit service or to submit your website for consultation, please click here.