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Eat My Lunch looking for $200,000 with crowdfunding campaign

Eat My Lunch has launched a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe.

The PledgeMe campaign aims to support the work it is doing to alleviate child poverty in New Zealand.

The start up operates a ‘buy one give one’ model for lunches, which has allowed the Kiwi firm to provide more than 14,000 lunches over the past 10 weeks to children in South Auckland.

Anna Guenther, PledgeMe CEO, says it was great to see Eat My Lunch reaching out to its crowd so they can keep up with demand.

“Eat My Lunch’s massive growth has shown they have an awesome crowd of people behind them supporting the important work they are doing,” Guenther says.

“PledgeMe is proud to host a campaign that is looking to use its crowd to bring about positive change for Kiwi kids.”

Guenther  says, “Eat My Lunch have really come to the party with the rewards they’re offering people who pledge and they’ve got some big names backing them.

“We’re looking forward to a hugely successful campaign which will mean more and more Kiwi kids have full stomachs when they go to school.”

The Eat my Lunch campaign is looking to raise a minimum of $180,000, with the goal of more than $200,000 raised.

The campaign runs until 14 September.