Embedded Instagram photos now bigger on web

13 Oct 14

Instagram went from a zero revenue start up to a $1 billion company. It’s been purchased by Facebook, is now celebrating its fourth birthday, and about five million mobile photographers are signing up to the site each week. In other words, Instagram is huge for both personal users and businesses who utilise its photos online.

Last week Instagram improved the way their embedded photos will look on the web.

The improvement means embedded Instagram photos will now be bigger and clearer, with a narrower bezel around the frame, as well as a Follow button above the image. This will make it easier for readers to follow the Instagram account of the embedded photo's owner.

Mashable says the move to feature larger photos is a smart one for Instagram. Publishers that embed photos on websites or articles, especially media outlets, will most likely be pleased with the refreshed design and thus more inclined to embed Instagram photos.

While existing embeds featured on current webpages will continue to work, although Instagram has warned there may be a period when embeds could be glitchy.

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