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Evernote is changing the way people work

09 Oct 14

Evernote is moving past simply note taking and is venturing into the world of work. Two new features have been specifically targeted toward job productivity and efficiency: Context and Work Chat, both of which will launch this year.

As one aspect of ‘Context’ Dow Jones and Evernote have entered a partnership to provide Evernote users with up to the minute, relevant content from The Wall Street Journal and the Factiva media service.

Context as a whole is a dynamic feature which shows information that's relevant to the work you are doing. You’ll have access to past work, information from a colleague and links to relevant articles from a range of platforms, including online journals and news sites.

Quick and effective communication between both individuals and teams is that much easier with the second feature: Work Chat. With sharing and collaboration in mind, this feature takes away the need for an employee to use their email or instant messenger to get in touch with a colleague or client. Instead, Evernote users can share their thoughts, ideas and resources while still working on their project.

On top of this, Evernote has also announced Scannable. An iOS application, you can turn your hard copies into digital prints using the camera on your smartphone or the ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner.

With Evernote, everything is centralised, so your desktop, mobile and tablet are synced automatically and you can have your writing, information and presentations right where you need it. This also makes real-time collaboration that much easier.

“Evernote represents a significant leap forward in workplace productivity software. With it, your work is created collaboratively and in the context of a wealth of knowledge,” said Evernote CEO Phil Libin. “It’s time to move on from those dated concepts.”

The Context and Work Chat updates will be available on Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows in 2014.