Evernote on prowl for Kiwi partners

06 Nov 14

Evernote is on the hunt for New Zealand channel partners as the note-taking software company looks to ramp up its presence in the business market.

While the company is best known for its strong foothold in the consumer market, it has had a business product for around 18 months.

Troy Malone, Evernote Asia Pacific general manager, says the company certified its first Australian Evernote certified business consultants recently, and is now looking to expand the programme into New Zealand.

Initially the consultants are likely to be ‘more business process consultants’ but Malone says the company is moving upstream and will also require partners with IT consulting expertise in order to help integrate Evernote into companies’ legacy systems.

“Right now, our relationship with companies around the world is an interesting situation. We have come into the entity typically as BYO software.

“Seventy percent of our users are using Evernote for work in some fashion.

“Going forward there is a tremendous opportunity to formalise our relationships with companies we are in already.”

Evernote Business includes security and data ownership features, making it easier for administration to control.

Malone says the company isn’t looking to build its own consulting arm, hence the requirement for local consultants who can assist local business with guidance on how best to deploy Evernote Business, workflows and provide training.

“As our Evernote Business grows and we get more businesses and seats in the region, it will be even more important for us to have certified business consultants here,” Malone says.

He says Evernote Business is ‘doing very well’ in the ANZ market, though he couldn’t provide New Zealand specific figures.

The company says it has more than Evernote two million users across ANZ.

Evernote recently upped its appeal to business users of its standard and premium versions, with the addition of Context and Work Chat features. Work Chat enables Evernote users to chat directly in the Evernote client, while for Premium Evernote subscribers, Context checks back through other notes and your extended network to provide context to what you’re currently making notes about.

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