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Facebook releases elearning tools to help out businesses

Social networking giant Facebook has today announced two new resources for marketers and businesses that use the platform on a business level.

With two million businesses advertising on Facebook, we always want to provide the best resources and tools to help all businesses grow,” the company says in a statement. 

“Earlier this year we launched the Ads Manager app to help businesses manage ad campaigns as they go. Today, we are continuing our effort to provide new online resources and education; Blueprint for clients and agencies and Learn How for small businesses.” Blueprint Facebook says the number one request from agencies, partners and clients alike is additional training resources. Blueprint trains marketers on both foundational practices such as campaign optimisation and more expert-level strategies, such as how to leverage video effectively on Facebook to meet business objectives. It combines elearning, in-person training and certification experiences.

“Blueprint elearning will serve as the foundation of the full training programme and is the first to launch, with over 35 online courses,” Facebook says. Learn How Learn How is an online learning centre that introduces new marketers and small businesses to Facebook Pages and Ads. Using videos, images and step-by-step instructions, Learn How offers marketers answers to frequently asked questions, like how to create a Page or how to create a custom audience.

The Learn How Content Library is set up so marketers can work through content like an online course or as a reference for one-off questions.  Additionally, the Facebook for Business website has been updated with new content that shows businesses how to use Facebook to drive business goals, continuing to be a resource hub for businesses that are using Facebook for marketing.