Facebook: to follow or unfollow

02 Oct 14

Amy Pratt looks into Facebook's handy unfollow button.

Facebook – the easiest way to keep up with what friends are doing, without the hassle of letter-writing or, God forbid, picking up the phone.   It’s nice to know what they got up to on the weekend, or if a baby is due.  But there are some people, at least one on everyone’s friend list, that feel the world will stop turning if they do not post an update every 5 minute containing baby/pet photos, motivational quotes, complaints about their work, the perils of singledom/relationships (dependent on their ‘status’ of course!), or the their latest “informed” political view.

Now, it isn’t that we don’t love that friend/associate/person we went to school with 20 years ago but it is getting to the stage where we want to scream “what is it now?!” whenever their name appears on the news feed.   Blocking/unfriending seems a little harsh, so the best solution is to “un-follow” them.

To achieve this, click onto their Facebook page and simply click the “following” button on the right-hand side of their cover photo.  With that one magical click their updates disappear from the news feed and there is no longer an obligation to ‘like’ their running commentary on their apparently interesting and exciting life.

Alternatively the next time (within 5 minutes of reading this article) they post a picture entitled “baby looking cute #594” click on the down arrow at the top of the status and select the “unfollow” button.

Either option does not notify the friend, thus avoiding the hysterics and need for counselling that would occur if he/she noticed their number of friends dropped from 219 to 218.

Word of warning; be sure to click on their page occasionally and scroll for any major updates.   Otherwise it can all get very awkward when everyone knows about the recent break-up and you decide to congratulate the friend on reaching the 6 month anniversary – publically and on Facebook of course!



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