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Five tips for choosing a telemarketing agency

25 Jun 2012

Outsourcing to a telemarketing agency can in most cases reduce your operation costs, particularly around staffing. Here are five tips that will help you choose an agency that works for you, and in doing so avoid making some costly mistakes.

Target Market

If the agency has knowledge of your target market, such as Business to Business or Business to Customers, it provides less effort, as the agent is able to better communicate to your target audience. Often you will find this through a local agency, rather than one from offshore.

Products and Services

What are the core products and services the telemarketing agency is offering? These can include Lead Generation, Customer Profiling, Appointment Setting and so forth. It is important to check these services, alongside what management systems are in place, for example call monitoring.

Customisations and Innovative Programs

Does the agency have any tailored product/services suitable to your organisation, to help promote your products? A selected telemarketer must have in house developed programmes and methodologies.

Achievable market destination and local knowledge

Is it essential that your telemarketing agency has good local knowledge and can relate to your target market? Some other agencies operate from offshore, and are not familiar with local issues.

Pricing and Terms

This is one of the main concerns regarding the customer-client relationship. Do I get value for money? What are my setup costs? Are there guarantees on performance? And last but not least, what are the invoicing terms and minimum contract period?

At Teleservices ltd, we believe we have the correct answers to all these questions. We offer all of the above products, are based locally, and employ well-trained staff, taught in dedicated in-house training facilities.

Choosing a suitable and professional telemarketing agency is about the relationships that that agency can form with customers on your behalf. The agency you choose should be as motivated about selling your product as you are.

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