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A global software enterprise run from a rural NZ town

Emsisoft is a computer protection software company based in Nelson, New Zealand in the home of CEO Christian Mairoll. Mairoll founded Emsisoft in 2003 in Austria until he and his family moved to New Zealand and refounded the company as “Emsisoft Ltd." in 2014. Now the company is entirely virtual, with employees based all over the world, some in Western and Eastern Europe, the United States, Asia and the Southern Pacific region.

Without a proper office, Emsisoft has to make certain changes to mitigate the difficulties that could arise from not having a business in a single building. As a result, Mairoll says, "We work hard to stay connected with all employees as the team grows. We reduced internal communication to the most effective channels which are instant messaging, forums and email. Phone- and video-calls, as well as standard meetings turned out to be highly ineffective time eaters.”

For Emsisoft, covering old threats and catching out new ones before they become a problem is of the highest importance to the company. 

Mairoll says, “In response to constant malware threats, we focus on our core competency: Malware detection and removal. We’ve noticed tendencies of antivirus companies to expand their product range in all directions, adding hundreds of new features that just a few people really need. Some of them seem to have lost focus on the core competency and fall significantly back in malware detection tests. Our goal is to permanently optimse our technology to always give our customers the best available protection. Multiple test victories and awards confirm that we are on a good path."

What initially began as a business in Europe is now a fully functional computer protection company in the U.S. in a region in New Zealand known as the "Top of the South."

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