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Google: Big changes for small business in 2011

25 Jan 2011

Internet search giant Google has promised to offer small business owners better tools and training so they can take advantage of what the internet has to offer.

“Small businesses have long benefited from Google products and services; now our hope is that all small business owners can have greater access to the tools and training they need to develop a cohesive strategy for doing more business online,” said James Croom, Product Marketing Manager, Google Small Business Team.

One area of increasing importance is - surprise - doing business in the cloud.

“We started last year by creating the Google Small Business Centre and asking small business owners about their biggest wishes for 2011,” Croom continued. “We received an overwhelming response from business owners who, like the owners of these shops, want to do more business in the clouds in 2011.”

We’ve covered the Small Business Centre in the magazine before, but it’s also worth keeping an eye on the Small Business Blog for more information on these new tools.