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Google partners with Startup Weekend

Search giant Google has recognised the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 14 to 20) by announcing a partnership with entrepreneur event hosts Startup Weekend.

The deal will see Google offering pre-event ‘Google bootcamps’ so participants can hone their technical skills and take full advantage of the networking opportunity.

"Google was once a startup in a garage,” reads a post on the Google blog by Mary Himinkool, Google’s head of global entrepreneurship outreach.

"As we head into Global Entrepreneurship Week, it’s clear that having a robust community of entrepreneurs, mentors and educational resources can be a key ingredient in a startup’s success, and we’re excited to be a part of that.”

Startup Weekend organises 54-hour entrepreneur events around the world, focusing on building web and mobile applications on which to base credible businesses. Wellington hosted one such event just last weekend.

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