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Google scraps app services

07 Aug 2012

Google is cutting services from Google Apps as it continues its bid to streamline its online services.

After announcing the changes in June 2011, CEO Larry Page declared the internet search giant was beginning a ‘house-cleaning’ program to consolidate many of the company’s duplicated and unpopular web facilities.

"Technology has the power to change people’s lives,” says Max Ibel, Google’s director of engineering. "But to make a difference, we need to carefully consider what to focus on, and make hard decisions about what we won’t pursue.

“This enables us to devote more time and resources giving you products you love, and making them better for you- so we can focus on the high-impact products that millions of people use, multiple times a day.”

Over 50 products, features and services have faced alterations since the announcement, with permanent closures expected as early as next month.

Google Apps for Teams

Launched in 2008, the app allowing users with verified email addresses to link-up using non-email applications such as Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk will close down on September 4.

Google says the service is less useful than first thought, meaning a conversion to personal accounts with the change not affecting other editions of Google Apps.

Google Listen

Designed for podcast users in 2009, the app has been labelled redundant due to the variety of podcasting apps now available, including Google Play.Google says it will cease to exist after November 1.

Google Video for Business

The service will migrate all hosted videos to Google Drive, as the video-hosting and sharing product for internal communication receives a takeover.

Google says the videos will not be incorporated to Youtube, however.


The company will also cut over 150 blogs covering different services along with channels which are disused or ignored.

What do you think? Are Google right to rid themselves of unused apps or will it affect their users? Tell us your thoughts below.