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Govt satisfaction low among SMBs

07 Nov 2011

Almost twice as many business owners are dissatisfied with the government’s support as are satisfied, but just under 60% will still vote for National in the upcoming election, according to figures from MYOB.

The company’s latest Business Monitor survey has found that of more than 1000 business owners surveyed, 59% plan to vote for National, compared with Labour’s 11%, Act’s 3% and the Greens’ 2%.

This despite the fact 34% were dissatisfied with the government’s support for businesses like theirs, compared with 18% who were satisfied. 

MYOB general manager, Julian Smith, says the results reflect responses to the policies of both parties.

"Almost half [46%] of all business owners are opposed to even a partial sale of state assets,” Smith says.

"However, in further bad news for Labour... the most unpopular policy with business owners is the introduction of a capital gains tax, which would be a vote loser amongst 59% of business owners.”

As with the broader public, John Key is well ahead as preferred Prime Minister, with 69% support compared with 7% for Phil Goff, 3% for Winston Peters and 2% for Don Brash. No other candidate achieved more than 1% support.

As for other policies on business owners’ radars, increased government funding for R & D polled well at 58%, the same number as approved of the removal of GST on selected goods and services such as fresh fruit and vegetables and doctors’ visits. 51% of respondents would vote for a party proposing the introduction of a ‘buy kiwi made’ government procurement policy, the same number who would vote for more government investment in transport infrastructure.

The other notably unpopular policy was the introduction of a carbon tax, with 58% of respondents prepared to vote against it.