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Half-price 'Excel on Steroids' courses in May

23 Apr 12

Auckland-based SMB IT specialists GlobalBizpro have launched a fortnightly course in Microsoft Excel – called ‘Excel on Steroids’ – and are offering a special launch deal to encourage small business owners to take advantage.


During the month of May, people who are keen to learn more about making the most of Excel can take the three-day course for $600+GST, almost half the usual $1150+GST.


As well as teaching participants to apply the advanced features of Excel in the work environment, as well as connect to mainstream ERP databases for dynamic analysis, reporting, graphing and live publishing.


Mike Abawat, GlobalBizpro’s head facilitator on the course, says the first series of courses have been eagerly snapped up by participants keen to take their usage of Excel to the next level.


"Once they finish the course, we stay in touch with weekly tips and tricks,” Abawat says, "as well as providing an annual tips and tricks e-book.”


To find out more, text ‘software’ to 244 or email You can also go here to visit the GlobalBizpro home page.

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