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Has your business got a social presence?

07 Mar 2016

Publishing social content across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin, to name a few) can be an arduous process for businesses.

There has been endless debate about social media marketing and whether it actually works, but throughout the discussions the various social networks have continued their growth unabated.

Fortunately, there are apps like SocialPilot that combine them all into one easy-to-manage task board. Recently, SocialPilot announced that they’ve now added Instagram to their fleet of platforms to help you in your social marketing strategies.

The word ‘Instagram’ tends to produce images of young people glued to their phones, relentlessly scouring through pictures of other people, other places, other cats/dogs and other things whilst being completely oblivious of the world around them.

This, is exactly why savvy businesses around the world have jumped on the ‘gram tram’ and created profiles of their own for these people to goggle at.

In fact, according to Instagram’s 2015 statistics, they now have over 300 million users worldwide and are the fastest-growing social network. Furthermore, 96% of US fashion brands are using Instagram, there are more than 70 million photos uploaded every day and, on average, photos generate 36% more likes than videos.

These figures prove that pictures really do tell a thousand words.

If the thought of joining the gram tram and gluing your face to your phone scares you, apps like SocialPilot can make the process much easier. The app allows your entire team to work collaboratively across all of your social media accounts (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram), schedule posts in bulk and can even suggest content for you to share.

At the end of the day, there is almost no doubt that in terms of actual target audience engagement, social media is second to none, so happy grammin'!