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HD digital signage comes to the fridge door

Digital signage has come to the fridge door, with Real Digital Media and equipment manufacturer Anthony teaming up to develop the iDoor.

The iDoor, which uses Real Digital Media’s Neocast digital signage platform, is a transparent LCD embedded within fridge or freezer doors, which plays high definition video, while remaining transparent enough to enable customers to still see products behind the door.

A three-month pilot program with a United States convenience store chain saw a 13% increase in cooler door traffic and a 7% increase in cooler door purchases.

Ads are largely transparent, allowing customers to still see the products in the fridge or freezer.

Carre’ Bistline, Anthony director of business development, Digital Signage Solutions, says the iDoor ‘revolutionises’ how retailers promote and merchandise their brands, engage with shoppers and increase overall sales.

“The solution artfully pairs digital signage with how shoppers navigate through a store and optimises messaging along the path to purchase,” Bistline says.

“We think the iDoor is the best solution for reaching the shopper at the point of decision with relevant messages, and will positively impact in-store conversions,” she adds.

"The iDoor represents a leap forward in digital signage by placing actionable messages in the shoppers' line of sight and within arms' reach of the product," Bistline says.

Ken Goldberg, Real Digital Media chief executive, says the offering places digital signage at the core of strategic planning for retailer, with a ‘high value application of digital signage that appeals to retailers and their vendor partners, as well as the consumer’.

Real Digital Media and Anthony claim the iDoor is the only digital solution for cooler and freezer door lineups that connects the shopper, message and product at the same time, allowing retailers to understand and engage with their customers on a more relevant and personal level.

The iDoor is being targeted at convenience stores, grocery and fuel stations and Bistline says the iDoor can be installed on new coolers or freezers and retrofitted on select existing Anthony products, with installation taking only 45 minutes.