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Hello ‘Lucidity’: MHA Cloud Computing unveils all-new rebrand

19 Oct 16

Auckland-based cloud services provider MHA Cloud Computing recently announced a new company name as part of a rebranding initiative.

Designed to position the company for strong future growth, the new name is ‘Lucidity’, which general manager, Colin Williams assures is to promote being ‘free from obscurity and easy to understand’.

“IT is confusing to many people - we aim to deliver clear and well-thought through solutions, from sales through to support,” Williams says. “We aim to be clear and transparent with our customers and continue to deliver outstanding customer service.”

Williams says that the company has grown significantly over the last decade, providing a trusted and fresh approach of delivering IT services to their customers. All they needed to do was effectively get the message across to their customers about their expertise and offerings – the rebranding will provide the foundation to help achieve this.

"Our proposition is to offer trusted cloud solutions that are easy to implement and consume,” Williams says. “Our alignment with Microsoft, as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), helps provide assurance that our cloud infrastructure and managed IT services are built on trusted technology. To reinforce the simplicity and clarity of offer we looked for a brand name that could carry this promise with longevity and meaning.”

According to Williams, the current transition of IT to cloud-based services is impacting traditional IT resellers as one-off sales of hardware and software are replaced by subscription-based services. This requires a different approach to sales and customer service, in addition to alternative systems and processes.

“MHA was a hosting company, but our business has changed and the brand needed to reflect this,” Williams says. “Lucidity will provide a range of cloud services – we will continue to invest in our own NZ based infrastructure but we are now also offering service options from Microsoft Azure and Office365 where it delivers more value for our customers.”

In terms of trends in the industry, Williams asserts one of the main themes is the huge amount of influence that Microsoft has, with the vast majority of businesses running off their products.

“We see immense opportunity in the Azure platform and it will become a significant part of our business over the next couple of years,” Williams says. “Today we are providing hybrid cloud solutions that allow customers to expand from their own datacentre either to us as a local hoster or through into Azure – this can provide major cost reductions and clear benefits when needing to expand.”

Williams says the rapid influx of solutions built on the public cloud have really leveled the playing field, allowing everyone to get access to the same service without any up-front investment. This means companies like Lucidity are able to provide the same solutions at a better price point with what they proclaim to be far superior customer service

Managing director of Microsoft NZ, Barrie Sheers says Microsoft is looking forward to seeing Lucidity build on the foundations it has already laid over the last fifteen years as one of New Zealand’s most successful cloud solution providers.

“I have been very impressed by Lucidity’s achievements in growing and developing a high performing cloud-first business through the team’s focus on clearly understanding customer requirements and providing trusted technology," Sheers says. "We are very pleased to be supporting the company during its next phase of growth as one of Microsoft’s Gold Hosting Partners.”

Williams affirms that their goal at Lucidity is to better establish themselves in the market and make sure that everyone knows who they are and what they do.

"We’d like to change how IT is perceived and really help ensure that New Zealand businesses are driven forward by IT and not held back,” Williams concludes.

To find out more about solutions from Lucidity, click here.

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