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How SMBs are replacing paper forms...

10 Sep 2014

Auckland based software development firm Easy Forms has a novel approach to helping small businesses, specialising in taking paper based forms and turning them into smartphone apps.

More specifically a small business submits their paper based forms in PDF or Microsoft Word formats. Easy Forms then deconstructs the forms and recreates them as an app for use on a smartphone or tablet.

At this stage only iOS and Android devices are supported, but support is coming for Windows based devices.

Once the forms have been recreated as apps, extra fields can be added to capture photos, video, barcode scans, GPS locations and more.

The data as it’s being collected can be exported as a spreadsheet or turned back into a PDF that is reminiscent of the original form.

Some of the benefits include:

Saving Time – The forms get filled in and stored in a simple searchable database. Never lose the sales forms again!

Saving Money – Save you all the investment in to the hours lost in filling in paperwork, not to mention admin time in filing.

Improving Service – Less paperwork makes customers happy too. Many love to get a copy of the sales documents instantly in their inbox.

They offer free consultation to make the process work easily and forms start from as little as $499.

If you’re interested in more information call Keith on 0800 EASYFORMS or visit