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Inmarsat boosts Skype offerings with Quicklink

Inmarsat, the provider of global mobile satellite communications services, has announced it's collaborating with Quicklink and the Quicklink TX solution has been certified and approved under the Inmarsat Certified Applications (CAP) programme.

Quicklink TX is a solution that delivers professional broadcast quality output when using Skype over Inmarsat’s BGAN network.

The fully integrated hardware and software solution allows broadcasters, producers, engineers and studio managers to manage Skype video/audio for broadcast purposes.

When combined with Inmarsat’s reliable global network, video content can be created and distributed via the Skype solution from anywhere in the world. 

Although Quicklink TX was designed specifically for the media sector, having the solution certified over Inmarsat’s global network extends the market reach for this type of solution in other enterprise sectors as well such as aid, eHealth, eLearning and energy.

“We are delighted that Quicklink TX is now an Inmarsat Certified Application,” says Richard Rees, Quicklink CEO. 

“We are really excited to further strengthen our relationship with Inmarsat, and to open up more opportunities in developing new and innovative solutions together across multiple enterprise sectors.” 

“Exposing our network to a wider group of technology partners creates an environment of innovation that will lead to tailored solutions for our enterprise sectors,” says Nadeem Khan, Inmarsat head of enterprise applications enablement, market strategy and development.

“Quicklink TX is a perfect example of a solution that, when combined with our network, adds significant value for our customers,” Khan says.

Martin Turner, Inmarsat director of media, enterprise market strategy and development, says, “For media specifically, we want to develop solutions that support traditional newsgathering applications, while also acting as a catalyst for new ideas.

“The key driver is to deliver solutions over our seamless, global network that enable media organisations to create and distribute content in new and innovative ways.”

The appointment of Quicklink TX as an Inmarsat CAP solution is part of Inmarsat’s ongoing strategy to deliver solutions by establishing relationships with applications and solution providers, the company said in a statement.