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Innovative Kiwi post-production software making global headway

Kiwi innovation in the TV and film post-production industry is making headway following the release of new Kiwa Digital software late last year.

VoiceQ 2.0 voice synchronisation software expedites the dialogue creation and replacement process in the post-production stage of film and television production.

First developed in 2003 to support the dubbing of Te Reo 
for television and film production, and produced by Kiwi production house Kiwa, VoiceQ 2.0 was launched in August as a new application that combines dubbing and ADR functions, as well as introducing new features in response to changes in the industry.

Steven Renata, head of Global Business Development at Kiwa Digital, says that the software has been developed for post-production film, television, animation and games industries.

“We use technology to bring worlds to life in a way original content owners have always wished for,” Renata explains.

The first 100 days in the market were hugely successful for the company, according to Renata.

He says Kiwa Digital was delighted with the first response from post-production studios, resellers and the wider industry.

“VoiceQ catches the market shift towards new, more efficient ways of working,” Renata says.

“It introduces dramatically more productive ways to run ADR and dubbing, halving the time spent on preparation and in the studio.”

To date, the company has appointed market leaders as resellers in Canada, Middle East, South Africa, UK 
and USA, and exhibited at highly successful USA industry conventions as part of the Avid 
Connectivity programme. 

The company has also started working with leading production houses in Canada, Brazil, South Africa, the 
USA and the UK.

Renata says the product has proven its value for both ADR and dubbing, and in diverse industries from TV and 
film through to gaming .

For more information about the software tools visit Kiwa's website here.