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The IT recruiter that claims to be different

02 Sep 15

We’ve all come across recruiters; those pushy folks that stalk you on LinkedIn and attend every industry networking event possible.

Nigam from RANN IT claims he’s a different bread of IT recruiter.

In the early 1990s he did a lot of recruiting from his home in India. A number of his candidates ended up in the US, UK, Singapore and Middle East.

When he moved to New Zealand in 2003 he didn’t straight away return to recruiting. However, in 2007 his passion for the area once again called and he started RANN IT recruitment.

RANN standards for Resource & Networking Needs. His specialty is really the IT department, roles from senior management through to junior support team members. Although from time to time he does encounter other non-IT roles for customers.

His customers range from fast growth start-ups that he helps grow from small teams into thriving multi country giants. At the other end of the spectrum he’s got established giants in the telecommunications, insurance and tertiary sectors amongst others.

He’s had situations with clients where the client needs a specialist sort of developer the next day and has very limited budgets; he takes the view that everything is possible.

Some of the roles are so specialised and involve such legacy systems that the client has been looking for many months. He takes on the challenge and most often succeeds finding suitable candidates.

In 2012 and 2013 RANN IT won the Small IT Recruitment Company prize at the Seek Annual Recruitment Awards.

There are three recruiters in his team, plus other team members.

He’s also been heavily involved as an HR consultant for large organisations needing a 3rd party restructuring expert.

His rates are also super competitive and below the industry standard 20% of annual salary calculation.

Nigam also finds that New Zealand organisations care a lot more about the cultural fit than just the pure technology expertise he experienced with overseas firms.

This means that he needs to spend more time getting to know the client so he can put forward the right candidates for a cultural fit not just a skills fit.

RANN IT recently sponsored the IT industry-networking event “A Few Quiet Yarns” and is looking to seriously raise their profile.

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