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Junk Free June as much a tech campaign as a charity pledge

16 Jun 2016

The creators of Junk Free June have shared insight into their business model, which is generating more than 50,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, more than 16,000 participants.

Junk Free June, which encourages people across New Zealand and Australia to give up junk food, while fundraising for either The Cancer Society in New Zealand or the Cancer Council Queensland in Australia. The initiative has currently raised more than 250,000 for the charities.

Junk Free June is an initiative by Little Giant creative director Matt Clayton and CEO Mark Hurley, and they say it fuses its business model, strategy, brand, technology, operations, marketing and management. The initiative is broadcast almost entirely via social media, while customised technology deals with the donations.

They've also attracted the attention of major sponsors such as HP and Les Mills, as well as other key New Zealand public figures.

“With smart execution of our global vision and our experience-first approach we can turn this brand into something far more than what has ever been achieved in the ‘charity’ space. At the least, the potential is certainly exciting,” says Clayton.

Little Giant will also launch a mobile app this year to extend the Junk Free initiative beyond a single month. The app will allow participants to share stories, access content, and connect will communities, which the company says will all contribute to the agencies' ultimate self-sustainability and global scalability goals.